hi there - krysteliart

If we have not met, I'm sara! I'm a dreamer and an artist with a curious soul. Just a kid at heart and still learning to navigate my sail through the sea of life. haha. 

I am a proud Atlantan, lover of ice cream and obsessed with anything marble! I will choose sushi over any kind of food and I deeply believe words are our most powerful weapons. I am a sucker for white space, kind words, and imperfect calligraphy. And I still can't believe I actually get to do what I love. 

I have always been drawn to people's handwriting and typography - something about it always catches my attention. The idea of krysteliart started a few years ago and the thought of actually doing it scared me. But by the end of 2016, I solidified my dreams, took my first step, and opened an Etsy Shop! Krysteliart is simply stationery designed by me, inspired by truth, people, and the beauty around us. Now, we want to make it easier for you to shop with us here! 

On top of everything, I am as passionate for new adventures. I dream of traveling the world one day. For now though, you'll find me stepping on new grounds traveling to all 50 states.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you stay for a while. 

 love, sara